Okay,here is a group of enchanters and knights who will be in my story,I take requests

Sir Ranas, Ranas the noble knight

Dragon trip,Annabelle a powerful enchantress

Justindaone, Lenny,Annabelle's apprentice

Pickle786 The king of silverland

Glammy786 the queen of silverland

Heat786 uncle to pickle and a evil wizard who wants to rule

Emerilla, Athena the leader of the enchanters. A silver dragon

Br318 Merlina Merlin's granddaughter

Shadowkhaos shadow companion of heat.

Echoriver Percival a knight of the round table

Wolfiethezwolf wilson the enchanter

SyenergyShade artist and a enchanter

Bnm a wizard that works for heat

Jorgesnoopy Jorge a kind wizard

Liber the wisest one in the group enchanter