This is a wiki founded by Emerilla. It's meant for fun, but not anarchy, so to set some ground rules:

-No Spam

-No vandalism

-The wiki states that only users age 13 and up should be allowed, but there's many who are under this age, so keep it clean.

- No violence of any sort and no bullying

- No modding unless a chat mod,a admin or a rollback or a bureacrat is there

-Avoid writing in caps but one word in caps is okay

- No offending others or killing them, and any threats will NOT be tolerated (with the exception of a staff members warning)

- If a user is banned for something,don't argue. And NEVER bump old ban threads.

-We all like some privacy, so while you may post personal info (other than if you're under 13) NEVER ask for personal info

- Leave modding to the Mods, otherwise, you can just make things worse, and risk getting in trouble yourself.

- Have fun!